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What is Netflix Research?

Research at Netflix aims to improve various aspects of our business. Research applications span many areas including our recommendations, content valuation, streaming optimization, and user insights. To maximize the impact of our research, we do not centralize it into a separate organization. Instead, we have many teams that pursue research in close collaboration with business teams, engineering teams, and other researchers. Research that applies to the same methodological area or business area is shared and highlighted in discussion and debate forums to strengthen the work and its impact. These forums also serve to identify and motivate future research directions.

Researchers at Netflix love working in an unique environment enabled by the Netflix Culture that values curiosity, courage with smart risks, innovation, science, rigor, and high impact. Across the company, we strive to run experiments to back up our hypotheses with evidence, which often uncover surprises that redirect or refine our research. We relish the freedom to try new ideas and the opportunity to debate their implications with colleagues spanning all parts and levels of the company.